Twenty days is almost unheard of for a woman to be in labor, but  one British mother was up to the task.

Ouch! A British teenager labored for nearly three weeks before she delivered a tiny preemie.

Thankfully, Daniel Barwell, who weighed just 1 pound and 3 ounces at birth, recently celebrated his first birthday at a robust 17 pounds, according to the Daily Mail.

His mom, Amy Buck, was three and one-half months away from her due date when she began what’s believed to be the slowest labor ever.

“Thinking back, I don’t know how it was possible for me to be in labor for the best part of 20 days and Daniel to survive despite being born so small,” she told the Daily Mail.

Buck was admitted to the hospital May 4, 2009, with contractions. She’d already experienced labor pains earlier in the pregnancy and thought she might be miscarrying. This time, she said, the contractions grew worse and she spent her time staying in bed or walking around. At the hospital, where doctors tried to stop the labor because the baby was so premature, Buck spent five days taking medications to delay labor and antibiotics for an infection.

When Daniel finally emerged into the world - feet first - his mom said, “Oh, my God, he’s kicking!”

Given just a 15% chance of survival by doctors, baby Daniel was treated for lung problems and had laser eye treatments. Last October, his mom, who lives with Daniel’s dad, 20-year-old car dealer Martin Barwell, took him home.

“He’s only different in that he’s smaller than other kids,” Buck said. “And he’s only got two teeth.”


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