'The Doctors' hosts Dr. Drew Ordon (l.) and Dr. Jim Sears sample  the product while discussing the health benefits of urine.

You've got to pee it to believe it.

The hosts of the syndicated talk show "The Doctors" got down and dirty this week to discuss the benefits of drinking urine or using it as a skin cream.

"Some people drink urine because they believe it has health benefits," said host Dr. Travis Stork, an emergency room physician.

"We've talked about urea and creatinine on the skin actually potentially having some benefits," said plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon, of two of the compounds found in urine.

Putting their theories to the test, Ordon then took a sip from what appeared to be a vial of urine while co-host Dr. Jim Sears, a pediatrician, dabbed some on his face with a cotton ball.

"Do I look younger," Sears asked, while audience members were heard groaning in disgust.

While drinking urine has been known to help people stay hydrated in emergency situations, and "urine therapy" advocate groups exist around the world, medical experts disagree about its benefits in everyday life.

People who believe that urine can improve their complexions are "daft as brushes," nutrition expert Dr. Michael Stroud told Britan's Independent in a 2006 report.


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